COVID Safety Protocols

Updated May 19, 2022

A Safe Return to In-Person Learning

We are committed to having students on campus for learning as much as possible. Look to these pages for current information on measures being taken by West Sound Academy to keep our students and staff safe from COVID-19.

On-Site Preventative Layers – Policies and procedures on-site, such as staying home when sick, use of masks indoors, and enhanced ventiliation

Protocols for on-site learning – Protocols for arriving on campus, attendance, and eating on campus

Protocols for illness and isolation– Guidance on what to do after COVID infection or being in close contact with someone with COVID-19

Travel information – Rules for students and staff to follow after travel

Other COVID-19 Information – including:

  • Links to COVID-19 Antigen test patient fact sheets
  • Links to sources of reliable public health information
  • Links to helpful articles
  • A flowchart for making decisions about returning to work or school after experiencing COVID symptoms.

These pages will be revised if information changes. 

Chemistry lab, March 19, 2021

COVID-19 Coordinator

For further questions, please contact Catherine Freeman at cfreeman@westsoundacademy.org