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Updated August 10, 2022

Arriving on Campus

  • Pre-Screening forms are no longer necessary.
  • Students will still need to check in at Baker Hall before heading to their classes.
    • Drop-off for students will be done in front of Upper Baker Hall in the outer driveway ring only.
    • During drop-off hours, the inner drop-off circle will be closed.
    • To aid student safety, the driving pattern for student drop-off has been reversed. In the morning, all traffic will flow in a clockwise direction around the outer driveway of the school.
Student Drop Off map


  • The earliest a student may arrive on campus and enter the screening queue is 8:00 am unless otherwise arranged with administration.
  • Do not park in the parking spaces in front of the flagpole near Upper Baker.
  • Students who drive themselves need to park in a designated student parking spot and then walk around outside to Upper Baker for check-in before entering any other building.
  • Students arriving later in the day must also check in at Upper Baker before entering any other building.


  • A faculty member will check off students as they arrive.
  • Teachers will also take attendance in FACTS at the start of each class.
  • If a student is leaving school before the end of the day, they need to sign out at the front desk and get picked up outside of Upper Baker.

Eating on Campus

  • Students may eat lunch outside the fronts of Parke, Frodel, Ryan, or Baker, in the Quad, or on the Sport Court.
  • Students may eat lunch inside in the Commons.
  • Water fountains continue to be for bottle filling only, and students should not drink directly from them.

COVID-19 Coordinator

For further questions, please contact Catherine Freeman at cfreeman@westsoundacademy.org