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Core Values

West Sound Academy values diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Our community is stronger and more resilient when we have many ages, stages, backgrounds, ethnicities, languages, social identities and financial means represented in our student body, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees. Diversity brings varied perspectives to our entire community, along with creative and innovative thinking and approaches to life.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Classroom

Teaching and learning at WSA instills in students the ability to:

      • Think, speak and act outside of themselves
      • Demonstrate empathy and compassion
      • Develop trust and friendship
      • Develop deeper understanding
      • Think critically
      • Use a growth mindset
      • Agree to disagree
      • Explore things with curiosity
      • Resolve conflicts
      • Engage with different perspectives
      • Collaborate and draw out the strengths of one another
      • Truly listen
      • Allow others the safe space to express themselves according to their values and beliefs

WSA teachers provide students the freedom to:

      • Express their individuality
      • Express their opinion
      • Explore their interests
      • Live according to their values
      • Productively question the status quo
      • Navigate racial topics constructively
      • Be exposed to what and/or who is not like them
      • See situations from different perspectives
      • Incorporate ideas from different perspectives

Intentional Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are what WSA embraces because it is who we are. We continually re-evaluate our school, curriculum, community and more to guarantee a truly inclusive environment in which all members of the West Sound Academy community can learn, live, work and thrive.

WSA is committed to facilitating change through promoting knowledge, open-mindedness and continual learning. In our community, respect for all racial and social identities, viewpoints and perspectives is a human right…as is forgiving mistakes, having grace for one another and being uncomfortable in the pursuit of growth.


Please visit our LibGuide: Resources for Exploring Race, Racism, and Racial Identity for help with examining this topic. This guide provides links to resources for students, parents, and educators that can help them explore our past, present, and future and build awareness and knowledge - on topics ranging from the history of race in America to materials on anti-racism. This is a time for listening and learning, and a time for difficult conversations on race, equity, and inclusion.