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Sliding Scale Tuition

WSA is a college preparatory school that graduates accomplished, creative, intellectually curious young adults prepared to contribute responsibly to the world. The Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff believe that access to this educational journey should be as equitable as possible. WSA is committed through its mission to operate in a fiscally responsible manner and fully enroll each grade level without crowding.

West Sound Academy uses a Sliding Scale Tuition Model (SST) for all current and new enrollees to meet those two objectives. West Sound Academy’s Tuition Committee uses an annually set sliding scale to equitably assign tuition requirements to families based on their financial resources.

For the 2021-2022 school year, placement on the scale will range from $4,195 to $23,500. The tuition rate is based on income, the number of enrolled children in a tuition-based school, and unusual expenses or circumstances.

Sliding Scale Tuition is based upon a system that eliminates the categories of “scholarship” or “financial aid.” However, current students who have been awarded scholarships that are renewable each year prior to the adoption of the SST model will still receive those scholarships until their graduation.

Easy Application

Equally important is our commitment to reducing any logistical barriers to accessing Sliding Scale Tuition by streamlining the qualification process with one simple form, called the Family Financial Worksheet, backed up by a copy of the most recently filed tax return and W-2 (domestic students) or bank statements (international students). The 2021-2022 Sliding Scale Tuition document can be downloaded here:

Sliding Scale Tuition for 2021-2022 – Overview
Family Financial Worksheet, Domestic, 2021-2022
Family Financial Worksheet (International Families) 2021-2022


Due Dates

Submitting the Family Financial Worksheet by the published deadline is critical to our ability to have an equitable and sustainable sliding scale. Missing deadlines for any reason other than family emergency will forfeit placement eligibility.

Application Deadline for Re-enrolling students: January 8, 2021
First Application Deadline for Applying students: February 15, 2021 (Decisions sent by March 15, 2021)
Second Application Deadline for Applying students: April 16, 2021 (Decisions sent by April 30, 2021)


The 2021-22 Tuition Scale

The 2021-2022 tuition scale is set at a minimum of $4,195 and a maximum of $23,500. Returning families who already completed the Family Financial Worksheet (FFW) for the 2020-21 school year are not required to submit a new worksheet unless their income has gone up or down more than 10% in the reporting tax year of 2019 or they anticipate a 10% change during the 2021-22 school year. They will be asked to submit a copy of their 2019 tax return and W-2’s with their signed enrollment contract. These families who use their original FFW will be placed on the scale using the same multiplier formula as 2020-21 with the annual increase percentage applied.

Any family can submit an FFW for placement on the Sliding Scale even if they have not done so in prior years. All re-enrolling and new families are encouraged to keep a Family Financial Worksheet on file even if they believe their income will not qualify for placement on the scale. The SST model is designed to be equitable across all income levels and can support placement for families who self-select out by thinking they make too much money to qualify for traditional financial aid but too little to afford tuition. As such, we encourage all families to submit their FFW regardless of income. Families who choose to waive the worksheet are opting for the maximum tuition rate of $23,500.

WSA does not receive any federal or state funding and relies solely on tuition & program revenue as well fundraising to operate.

Enrollment Targets

Annually the Board of Trustees approves a minimum and maximum tuition scale and sets enrollment targets for each level of the tuition scale. The targets for 2021-22 are represented in the graph below

Sliding Scale Tuition 2021-2022

Steps for Sliding Scale Placement:

Step One: Complete the Family Financial Worksheet form in hard copy. A single form can be used for two-family households. If you do not wish to be considered for sliding scale tuition, please skip to the last page of the form and check the “Waiver” box.

Step Two: Complete the Family Financial Worksheet form in hard copy. A single form can be used for two-family households. If you do not wish to be considered for sliding scale tuition, please skip to the last page of the form and check the “Waiver” box.

Step Three: Upon receipt of the enrollment contract and tuition schedule, families can sign the tuition schedule or can appeal their placement using the appeal form.

In the interest of security, we prefer that the FFW and backup materials are provided to the Business Office in hardcopy form. Please contact the school if you need to discuss alternative ways of submitting these materials.

Subsequent Years of Enrollment

The hardcopies of the backup materials will be professionally destroyed after placement for security reasons. In each subsequent year of enrollment, families on the scale will only have to submit updated tax returns and W-2’s each year and will not have to complete the FFW again. However, if their financial circumstances change, any family can always opt to complete the FFW for new sliding scale placement if they submit the worksheet by the appropriate due date.

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