Annual Visionary Campaign

West Sound Academy is a non-profit organization that thrives through tuition revenue and fundraising.  The school receives no funding from the state or federal government.  The true cost to educate a student at the school exceeds the cost of tuition that our community can support. As such, inspiring families and other philanthropists to make tax deductible gifts is a necessary component of our business model.

Donate to the 2020 Annual Visionary Campaign here:  MAKE A GIFT!

Funds raised through the Annual Visionary Campaign allow West Sound Academy to offer enriching and engaging academic, elective and arts programs, attract top-notch teachers, provide library databases, support after-school clubs, and helps support funding rainy day reserves.


Families may set up their Annual Visionary Campaign on a monthly, periodic or annual basis at any time during the school year.  A three week campaign emphasizing the importance of the Annual Visionary Campaign is conducted at the start of second semester.


Thank you for your support!