An International Baccalaureate World School for Grades 6-12

An International Baccalaureate World School for Grades 6-12


Become Your Best Self

WSA fosters a collaborative educational experience where the students, parents, faculty and staff are considered one cohesive unit working together to support the student in their ability to find and maintain peace within themselves.

Jake is seen and known by his teachers and supported by his Advisor.

Students are organized in similar grade level advisory groups under the guidance of one teacher who serves as Advisor to the student and the student’s family.

Jake’s teachers help him integrate tools in order to maintain his wellness and make positive critical choices. Support for planning how to balance academic, co-curricular and personal needs are done during advisory class time.
Student wellness coaching is organized into four “suits”:


  • Systems – Organization and time-management as well as fostering skills for solving problems.
  • Self-Care – Managing stress and anxiety and building confidence in their own ability to trust themselves and overcome challenges.
  • Care for Others – Learning how to be part of a community that cares for others and respects people of diverse backgrounds and situations.
  • Critical Choices – Developing their own values and responses and being prepared with a response that is true to themselves

See: Student Wellness Overview

Jake explores new forms of communication and creativity in order to self-advocate and manage stress & anxiety.

Students are enrolled in two required co-curricular classes each semester which encourage them to explore new forms of expression and collaboration. Visuals Arts, Physical Education, Music, Robotics, Theatre, Photography and Computer Science are just some examples. June Term is a three-week term at the end of the year were students engage in just two block co-curricular classes for three weeks! Learning in the arts or STEM builds confidence and a greater understanding of personal interests.

Frank and Mia share a common interest in Robotics

WSA fosters multi-age learning opportunities in co-curricular classes, June Term and academic classes. This allows grade groups to mix socially and to foster mentorship between older and younger students. Frank and Mia can utilize the dedicated maker space on campus – the Technology Access Center or TAC Room – to expand their experiences in Robotics.

Sondra and Talla spend one day a month working at the animal shelter

All students are required to plan and reflect upon extra-curricular and service learning done outside the classroom such as team or individual sports, community theatre or arts, and volunteer work. CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) learning is an essential part of a West Sound education. Expectations are set at age appropriate levels with activities mostly arranged for our younger students while older students conduct their CAS work more independently.

As these students enter upper school, they will learn about Self-Care and Critical Choices in Holistic Health.

The Holistic Health class creates a safe and inquisitive environment for students to learn more about their own physiology, emotional wellness and some of the choices they may be asked to make in terms of human relations, drugs and alcohol, and stress management.