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West Sound Academy inspires students to embark on a learning journey meant to ignite their curiosity and encourage them to make their own unique impact in the world. The college counseling program supports students in continuing their journey after high school by developing a partnership with learners, caregivers, teachers, and advisors.

This year West Sound Academy will be using the services of Myong Lee of Waypoint College Planning. She works with each student to support them in finding the path that best matches their abilities, interests, and aspirations.

Our International Baccalaureate-based curriculum is designed to empower students to think critically, engage globally, and actively pursue their unique passions in an encouraging educational environment. The self-management, communication, and research skills students develop from middle school through high school prepare them to be successful in whichever path they choose to pursue after graduation. Read more about how the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme prepares students to excel in college and beyond here.

WSA uses a college guidance management system called Scoir (pronounced "score"). This online system streamlines the process of electronic delivery of all application-related documents and is helpful for students and parents during the college search and selection process. On Scoir, colleges come to life through pictures, videos and links that highlight active student clubs and organizations. This enables students to identify colleges that are a good fit with their personal and academic interests, which increases college retention. Scoir also provides parents with useful financial calculators to help determine the likely cost of attendance at different colleges and consider the affordability when deciding where to apply. These features, along with convenient scheduling and communication tools, help keep everyone informed and engaged throughout the college application process.

Program Highlights

  • Individual meetings with the college counselor for students and families
  • Curated resources for students and families
  • Senior Retreat college counseling workshop
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For College Representatives

Visit WSA - We offer 30 minute time slots on Tuesdays from 12:00 pm to 1:20 pm, and weekdays during lunch 11:25 am - 11:55 am, September through November. When you arrive on Campus, check in to the main office front desk at Baker Hall. Please schedule your appointment with RepVisits.

For information about our school, please see our

2022-2023 WSA School Profile

Where do WSA Graduates go to college?

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WSA Voices

We consistently hear from WSA alumni that they are well-prepared to be successful in their college or university programs. Here’s what some of them say:

“Oh, I definitely felt prepared for college. Especially thanks to the volume and quality of readings we did in English and History class. I can manage my workload in university really well.”

WSA graduate, class of 2021

“I feel especially confident to contribute to discussions in college, thanks to WSA. I got a lot of practice speaking in a scholarly way in discussion-based classes. I struggled with anxiety in high school, but I always felt like we could come to class and discuss our readings, and listen to each other’s perspectives.”

WSA graduate, Class of 2020

“My history class at WSA with the amount of reading, and the textbook outlines were really helpful experiences -  to be forced to look at something really quickly and take something from it - for specific tasks and being able to pull out meaningful points from the reading really prepared me for my upper level History major readings in college. I saw my peers struggling to keep up with History readings in the first few years of college.”

WSA graduate, Class of 2019

“One thing that WSA gave me, that I don’t see my peers in college have, is confidence when approaching professors. I hear my peers say “Oh, I couldn’t possibly talk to the professor.” and I don’t have that hesitance. I think it’s thanks to the close relationships with teachers that were fostered at WSA.” 

WSA graduate, Class of 2018