TEDxWestSoundAcademy - June 13, 2010


TEDxWestSoundAcademy is June 13, 2020 at West Sound Academy.

Creative Drive!

The theme of our event is Creative Drive celebrating all aspects of creativity and how resilience, drive, thinking and inquiring inspire creativity. We will encourage proposed speakers to interpret this theme creatively!


This is a youth event, organized with students and reserving speaker slots specifically for young people ages 13 to 21.  The licensee for this event is Barrie Hillman.

Students and staff of WSA are in the planning stages of our authorized TEDx event in June. Please check back for updates for when we open up the call for speaker proposals, open up tickets and announce the schedule.

Breakout Activities

This all-day event will include breakout activities including music performances, art table, affinity groups and perhaps one that you propose!

Food Trucks

We will be looking for food truck vendors to come join us and keep our attendees well fed. If you operate a food truck and wish to be part of this event, contact us!

Contact Us

For information, please contact tedx@westsoundacademy.org. Please use email rather than calling the school to get the most direct assistance.>