TEDxWestSoundAcademy is June 13, 2020 at West Sound Academy.


Creative Drive!

The theme of our event is Creative Drive celebrating all aspects of creativity and how resilience, drive, thinking and inquiring inspire creativity. We will encourage proposed speakers to interpret this theme creatively!


Call for Speakers Released January 21

We are seeking nine speakers who have ideas worth sharing and the official “call for speakers” is released on January 21. A link to our speaker proposal form will be posted here but here is more information about being a speaker at our event:

TEDx Call for Speaker Proposals Information

Three spots are reserved for students ages 12 to 21 and we also welcome proposals from parents, grandparents, alumni, friends and community members. All proposals will be due February 28, 2020!


Call for Breakout Sessions Released January 21

We are seeking several hosts of 30-minute breakout sessions to be conducted once or twice during our two breaks between speaker sessions. Breakout sessions can be anything that you want to bring people together to have a shared experience. Musical performance, crafting, affinity group, discussions, games, pop culture…the possibilities are endless. Read more about Breakout sessions here:

TEDx Breakout Session Proposal Information flyer

Come back on January 21 to find the link to our Breakout Session Proposal Form. All proposals will be due February 28, 2020!

Food Trucks

We will be looking for food truck vendors to come join us and keep our attendees well fed. If you operate a food truck and wish to be part of this event, contact us!

Contact Us

For information, please contact tedx@westsoundacademy.org. Please use email rather than calling the school to get the most direct assistance.