WSA 3.0

WSA is moving to a Remote Learning Model

WSA 3.0As of July 27, 2020 Kitsap County Public Health (KCPH) issued a guidance letter indicating that they did feel it is safe to re-open schools in traditional classroom settings.  West Sound Academy continually monitors pandemic conditions and all the data supports KCPH’s guidance.  WSA is revising the school’s re-opening plan from a Blended Learning Model to a Remote Learning Model due to the increased spread of COVID-19 in our region. We are committed to the Remote Learning Model for Mod A of our Modular Annual Calendar and will continually re-evaluate conditions as we prepare for Mod B and beyond.

At West Sound Academy, we value human life, we value science and we value equity. We use evidence-based decision-making. We are committed to fulfilling our mission regardless of whether students are learning in-person or remotely and we will stand to protect students and the adults in our community first.  The focus for the Remote Learning Model is on the learning and teachers have conducted exhaustive professional development this summer preparing for a successful experience.

Please find details on our “Plan B” for the Remote Learning Model here.

For Prospective Families

We look forward to having a conversation with you about West Sound Academy and the admissions process for 2020-2021.

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See WSA 2.0 in action!

Look below for stories and photos from WSA 2.0 online classrooms this spring. Our campus was closed, but the West Sound community remained connected and learning!

Ms. Nordleaf-Nelson's 9th Grade English Class

West Sound Academy students rise to the challenge of the online classroom.

By Susan Trower. It’s 12:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, 6th period, and time for West Sound Academy 9th Grade English class to meet.  The teacher, Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson, sits at her laptop and admits her students one at a time into her Zoom meeting room, greeting each…

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Jaeden's yoga class

Class of 2020 in their silly pajama pants

Keeping Traditions Alive For the Class of 2020

By Barrie Hillman. There is no doubt that 2020 has opened the new decade with all the grace and decorum of a wrecking ball.  The disruption caused by the coronavirus quarantine will have deep and long-lasting impacts to everyone but I want to reserve this tiny space…

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For more information on WSA 3.0

Email Barrie Hillman, Head of School, at with any questions you may have.