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WSA relies on the kindness and generosity of parent volunteers to help conduct many aspects of our work. While middle and high school students are reluctant to have parents in the classroom, there are many vital roles that parents can play to support the school:

Be a Presenter at an All School Meeting

Share your expertise with WSA students at an All School Meeting.

Chaperone a Field Trip

We always need drivers and helpers for field trips and during June Term.

Lend your skills to a campus improvement project or theatre build

Have some carpentry, painting, gardening or other skills? We often need helpers to build sets, improve existing campus facilities and such. We will put out a call for helpers in the Hawk Talk when these crop up.

Donate meals or food to student/faculty events

The student council plans student social events that often need snacks and we always like to spoil teachers with treats during Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring. Your cooking skills are welcome! Calls for donations appear in the Hawk Talk.

Propose a June Term you would like to teach

If you have some teaching experience or a particularly fun skill set or hobby, you can help out by proposing your own June Term class to teach or partnering with one of our teachers on their June Term class. Proposals are due in February.