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¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a la fiesta!

Invitado- Jessica Outlaw's 10th Grade Spanish class

Students in Jessica Outlaw’s 10th Grade Spanish class have been studying vocabulary related to food, clothing and celebrations during Mod B. Señora Outlaw decided that the best way to assess what students had learned was to have a party – actually, a lot of parties!  Each student gave a presentation on an imaginary party that they were throwing – either for themselves, or someone else.

There were requirements. Students needed to describe where the celebration was taking place, what they planned to wear, and the food, drinks and entertainment that they would provide. Most important: they could invite one celebrity to their party and they had to plan a surprise for their guests.

“This was a great escape from the tension of current events and a fun way to celebrate things that they love while showcasing their Spanish skills,” said Señora Outlaw.  “We had parties honoring Kermit the Frog, The Office, Halloween 2, cats, Sharkboy, a teddy bear wedding, Robert Pattinson, and more.”

The lesson from the day: Don´t forget to celebrate the stuff you love!

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