By Sara Adams.

6th/7th Grade Exploratory Art - March 15, 2022

Students in the 6/7th Exploratory Art class are finishing up their artwork sculptures created with repurposed materials. The requirement was a sculpture that is made solely from repurposed materials that Miss Sara has collected or that you bring in from home.

Other than that, your imagination is the only limit. It’s exciting to see that our students’ imaginations are so adventurous and original.

Every project is its own individual idea that truly started from recycled goods and other people’s trash. Students took on individual artwork pieces along with some group sculptures being created too. 

In Exploratory Art students get to engage with some of the specific IB Learner Profile Traits: risk-takers, communicators, open-minded, reflective, and caring!  They are very excited to share these pieces along with their other artworks during West Fest in May!