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Running the World Should Be Modeled After the Kitsap COVID Vaccine Clinics

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My mother always taught me to write thank you notes whenever anyone has done something kind or generous for me.  Well, this is less a blog and more a thank you note to Kitsap COVID.  Kitsap COVID is a grassroots partnership between Sound Family Health, Kitsap General Surgery, and Kitsap OB/GYN, all located in Kitsap County, Washington, who have organized and conducted vaccine clinics for thousands of local residents.  I was lucky enough to score a vaccine appointment as an educator (and for all of the staff of my school) the day after we became eligible, and appointments for my kids the Saturday after they became eligible for which I am eternally grateful.

As I was accompanying my kids through their drive-thru vaccine appointments, it occurred to me that the way that Kitsap COVID organized their vaccine clinics is exactly how the world should be run.  It was a marvel of organization and good planning infused with joy and gratitude.  They did every single step exactly right to make the process extremely successful in all their clinics.  From the volunteers, to the medical professionals, to the person who thought of how post-it notes were an essential tool to the process, to the visualization of how the space could be used to drive cars through and have the 15- minute monitoring…it was amazing.

So here is what the world needs to learn from Kitsap COVID:

  • We have to be partners and work together even if we run our corner of the world differently from each other
  • Everyone has a role in our overall success so let’s make sure the role we choose helps more than it hurts
  • Good signage and communication tools are critical
  • Think outside of the box about how resources you have can be used
  • Be kind to each other
  • Say thank you

With all of my heart and on behalf of educators, parents and students from around the region, thank you.

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