Put down your Comfort Goggles

Comfort, Fear, Learning, Growth

In 2020 most humans are seeking comfort or seeking to comfort others especially as we a face a grim winter of COVID-19 statistics.  Recently, a friend posted an oldie but…

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WSA is Breaking Through Barriers

Barrie and Lisa give high fives during the tear-down project

One of WSA’s greatest assets is its campus with 20 beautiful acres of fields, huge trees, and four charming buildings. Before March 2020, no one would have ever imagined we…

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Juggling with Jello

Jello pieces on white background - Britannica ImageQuest

I have been trying to write my school year kick-off blog post for two weeks, and, much like the last six months, writing a compelling, relevant, and upbeat blog has…

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Lean Into the Light

Barrie Hillman standing at the TEDWomen stage - December 2019

Last week, I had the great privilege of attending the annual TEDWomen conference in Palm Springs. My first intention in going was to help support WSA’s work to host our…

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Financial Aid is giving way to Sliding Scale

WSA campus in Fall

In every professional development opportunity I have participated in over the last two years, the prevailing message has been about innovation and implementing progressive ideas in the education world.  Change…

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