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Parents Walk the Learner’s Journey on Curriculum Night

Barrie leads the parents on a walk on the new trail

On September 10, 2019, WSA staff and faculty welcomed parents to campus for Curriculum Night which provided an opportunity for parents to experience the Learner’s Journey. Connecting in-person to the school and other people in it is one of the best ways to help ensure the success of our students. We appreciate all that took time out of their busy schedules to join us.

To start the evening’s program I was joined on stage by six members of the Board of Trustees, Faculty and Administration who have children who are members of the Class of 2020. Each of us shared a few inspiring examples of how WSA has impacted their students. Being valued as a student, having tremendous trust in the teachers, students coming to know themselves were some stories shared.tings.

Everyone received a copy of an informative booklet, West Sound Academy’s Curriculum Night. Inside, parents can find helpful information, including study tips, the staff directory, the development schedule, lunch menus, and ways they can engage with the school.

Please see 2019 Curriculum Night presentation by Barrie Hillman to read the highlights of the evening. One slide includes the new school logo that we have officially unveiled, and this is the story behind it:

The faculty and staff at WSA curate a series of pinnacles that your children will climb and achieve. The mountain is symbolic of those milestones. The W is stylized to be handwritten reminiscent of children because that is what we focus on – the students. The W also resembles upraised arms that provide support and safety to the children as they make their climb to reach every pinnacle. The staff and faculty at WSA are fully committed to the success of each child, defining that success differently for each individual.

WSA will be launching our new website this October so get ready for a brand new online look. Parents were encouraged to link and share our site in their social media postings and like us on Facebook and Instagram. We also ask that parents post reviews on GreatSchools.org and Private School Review.

Parents were asked to walk the Learner’s Journey during the event by quite literally walking our new trail.

Posted along the way were descriptions of the pinnacles students in each grade will be working on, summarized in the Learner’s Journey Map included in the handout. 

Parents spent the rest of the evening following their students’ schedules to have mini-classes with each teacher and their child’s advisor. These short sessions offered an excellent chance to meet teachers and get a sense of the class culture.

All signs indicate it is going to be a great year!

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